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@ 2015. Dreamed by MAD Productions


Vinhomes Smart City

Came true in 2019.

Discover how technology is changing today daily lives of our Vin's presidents tomorrow. Making life easier and giving them an unparalleled home experience as if by dreaming… Life can be simplified and enriched in the exciting and complex world of technology.


Vinhomes Ocean Park

Came true in 2019.

Vinhomes Ocean Park - Lake City - Where turning impossible into possible.

Not only is a world-class metropolis, Vinhomes Ocean Park creates a new City with Nature - Life and People with a new and spirited look, ready for thoughtful experiences. It is impossible but it is possible. The place adjacent to the lively street is green and the ocean. The center of the inner city is the sea close to the lake, the corner of the foot of the cloud is where only one step is a relaxing foot under the fine sand and also just a step to satisfy the pleasure with an active daily life. 


VinCity Sportia

Came true in 2018.

Life is not always a tournament.

Life is to enjoy the feelings of sublimation and the ideal moment of settling with relatives.

Experience every day is filled with energy at VinCity Sportia "dynamic sports City" with countless standard-class facilities Singapore and more.


Japanese Visa Card

Came true in 2018.

Vietnam in the 1980s is different from 2017? Acceptance of change is the way to catch modern life.


Coupled with the trend of the times, Vietnam changes and transforms itself to reach the world, touching the era of modern multi-utility. The difference between old and present images with the JCB international payment card has helped the young generation realize that life will add meaning and completeness when we are ready to explore the standards of experience ahead.


Today, the international citizen standard has become a striving target of the younger generation, simplifying things with JCB to optimize a full life experience.



Came true in 2018.

Convenience tailored to your needs. 

Traveloka Points is a reward program that values our most loyal customers. This program allows you to earn Points each time you make a transaction on Traveloka, and redeem them for a discount on your next transactions.

Hoi An Memories 

Came true in 2017.

After a year of dedication, Hoi An Memory is honored to be the first Vietnamese show to be presented at Times Square - New York.


The program has been praised by Reuters.com - the news site of the world's largest news agency and more than 300 international newspapers, 12 ambassadors, hundreds of thousands of spectators, and "a global phenomenon", "Party of sight", "must watch once in a lifetime".